Andy Singleton's 2020 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

Andy Singleton’s 2020 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

2020 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

It has been nearly two months since I hit you with the first edition of my 2020 NFL Mock Draft. A ton has happened since then, including LSU winning a title, the Chiefs doing the same, my sixth annual trip to the Senior Bowl, and some player commitments to the draft, as well as some returning to school. Welcome to my 2020 NFL Mock Draft 2.0. I’m Andy Singleton, and I will attempt to give you what I feel would be good fits for teams, and why. If you would like to see how many changes have occurred since the first was released on December 26th, you can check it out here 2020 NFL Mock Draft 1.0.

In the past, I recorded an individual player profile video series, but, this year, the theme will be a little different. These mock drafts, a potential Top 250 Big Board and player profiles, plus a few guest spots on podcasts where I am discussing some sleepers, like these: GOAT District, and Going For Two.

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2020 NFL Draft – Round One

2020 NFL Mock Draft 2.01. Cincinnati Bengals – Joe Burrow, QB | LSU
Major Team need: QB, OL, LB, CB – Total team picks (7)

There is no reason for this pick to change, regardless of anything Burrow does. I knocked him for not taking the Senior Bowl trip and getting engrained with the Bengals staff, but he is still their guy. This case is closed. 

2020 NFL Draft2. Washington Redskins – Chase Young, EDGE | Ohio State
Major team need: OL, EDGE, CB, TE, WR, S – Total team picks (6)

I have relented since Mock 1.0, and would have to say there is no way Young falls past 2. I did allude to that in this previous version, although despite my claims, still had Young fall. There is some debate in the scouting community as to Young being the “can’t miss” prospect many believe he is. I personally think the Redskins have a greater responsibility to lock up a top Offensive Tackle, but rumors are swirling that a truce between the team and All Pro Left Tack Trent Williams may be on the horizon. This would be the absolute best case scenario for HTTR. 

2020 NFL Draft3. Detroit Lions – Jeffrey Okudah, CB | Ohio State
Major team need: CB, EDGE, OL, LB – Total team picks (7)

There is not much debate for Okudah being one of the top five overall talents in this class, and by far the best Cornerback available. You are basically getting a Linebacker who can run with Wide Receivers. Okudah has the length, speed, and strength, to line up against anyone, and shut down an aerial attack. This is the type of pick for a franchise to set and forget for the next decade.

2020 NFL Draft4. New York Giants – Isaiah Simmons, LB | Clemson
Major team need : LB, CB, OT, S, EDGE – Total team picks (8)

This is a complete glamour pick, and the first of this mock I wouldn’t be surprised to see fluctuate at all. The Giants could absolutely use a stud on the Offensive Line, and are in a prime position to take their top choice. However, they could also use not just a stud Linebacker, but Safety as well, and there is not much dispute as to how gifted and revered this hybrid chess piece is. The Giants paid almost zero attention to their Defense last year, and this is a major announcement that they realized their error and are addressing it.

2020 NFL Draft5. Miami Dolphins – Tua Tagovailoa, QB | Alabama
Team needs: QB, EDGE, OT, CB, OL, RB – Total team picks (12)

This has been Tua for a while, and continues to be, despite recent news of Dolphins brass being enamored with Justin Herbert. Other recent news has said Tagovailoa’s injured hip is healing well, and does not figure to be a concern moving forward. Do not look a gift horse in the mouth. This is a steal for the Fins, and should not be debated.

6. Los Angeles Chargers – Justin Herbert, QB | Oregon
Team needs: OL, QB, CB – Total team picks (7)

In a different year, Herbert could easily be considered the #1 overall pick. This is more a nod to how good Burrow and Tagovailoa have been, than any knocks or warts on Herbert’s profile. He reminds me of Jared Goff, and was in a class all to himself at the Senior Bowl. San Diego has already parted ways with longtime incumbent Philip Rivers, paving the way for a new leader for the future. The 2020 NFL Draft is a three QB race with three legit franchise signal callers. I highly anticipate some trade activity, meaning San Diego may have to jockey to ensure they land him. 

2020 NFL Mock Draft 2.07. Carolina Panthers – Derrick Brown, DT | Auburn
Team needs: DL, CB, S, QB – Total team picks (7)

It almost feels boring, but Brown is the safest choice here. If the Panthers, and new Offensive Coordinator Joe Brady had their choice, it would be to pick inside the Top 6 and secure one of the Top 3 arms. Brown is a major talent, and solves a need, but there is a lot to watch with Carolina potentially trying to move up.

2020 NFL Mock Draft 2.08. Arizona Cardinals – CeeDee Lamb, WR | Oklahoma
Team needs: OL, DL – Total team picks (7)

Another Wide Receiver is the last thing you would think this franchise wished to address, after giving the position so much attention last year. However, Kyler Murray has answered the initial critics, and getting him elite receiving options seems like a viable plan. I also cannot ignore what I overheard in Mobile from some NFC West team brass, including a Cards rep who said what he heard within the organization is WR in the first round. Who better to give Murray than his former Sooner running mate, CeeDee Lamb.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars – Jedrick Wills, OT | Alabama
Team needs: LB, OL, WR, CB, S – Total team picks (9)

Finally, the run on Tackles begins! In recent weeks, this position has gotten a little deeper than I originally believed, but I am still surprised to see it fall almost out of the top ten. There are a few good ones at the top, and Wills might just be the best – both immediately, and long term. He might not seem like the best fit on the surface, having played Right Tackle to this point, but he is still young enough and has dominated in everything asked of him to date. Noted more for his run blocking than pass protection at the moment, he would bolster the position vacated by Cam Robinson. Wills offers as much upside as other Tackle options here, while providing arguably the most safety as well.

2020 NFL Mock Draft 2.010. Cleveland Browns – Mekhi Becton, OT | Louisville
Team needs: OT, S, DL – Total team picks (8)

Despite how disappointing the 2019 season was for the Browns, they really are in a very favorable position. This is dealer’s choice, as they are not addressing immediate needs as much as they are adding a cherry on top. This roster is no different than the one billed as Super Bowl contenders just a short year ago. Leadership, not talent, is what was lacking. There is always a need in the trenches, and Becton is surging at the right time, with the massive Offensive Tackle getting favorable reviews. He is still considered a raw project, but the perfect player to fall into the Browns lap. 

2020 NFL Mock Draft 2.011. New York Jets – Andrew Thomas, OT | Georgia
Team needs: OL, EDGE, WR, CB – Total team picks (8)

Somehow, I have managed to find (not deliberately) a way for me to be happy with the Jets first round pick. So much is needed, but shoring up the line in front of Darnold is paramount. A month ago, Thomas was pretty much the clear cut leader at this position. I am beyond thrilled to have him still available as a consolation prize. He is a day one starter, and barring any injuries, a fixture for the next ten years. This is the closest thing the Jets have had since D’Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold, which coincidentally is also the last time the team was good.

12. Las Vegas Raiders – Jerry Juedy, WR | Alabama
Team needs: WR, LB, CB, DL – Total team picks (8)

This is a perfect scenario for year two of the Gruden/Mayock regime, and a welcome splash to Las Vegas. Jeudy is my WR1 in this class, and not a reach by any stretch to be taken at this point. He also fills an immediate need for Las Vegas, and is another check in the plus column in their recruitment of Tom Brady. 

13. Indianapolis Colts – Javon Kinlaw, DT | South Carolina
Team needs: EDGE, WR, QB, DL – Total team picks (9)

There are a few needs that the Colts could address in this 2020 NFL Mock Draft 2.0, with K’Lavon Chaisson being one for the EDGE. I have Kinlaw ranked neck and neck with Chaisson, the difference being in safety. Kinlaw does not pose as much risk, has been extremely productive on the field, and checks all the boxes scouts are looking for. He is not too far behind Brown, and a great consolation prize to fill the trenches for Indy.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Chicago) – Tristan Wirfs, OT | Iowa
Team needs: OL, CB, DL, QB – Total team picks (6)

Whether you love him, or not, Jameis Winston can win in Tampa. He absolutely can be maddening to watch, and is turnover prone, but he is not the team’s biggest obstacle. The offensive line has been so porous, it has led to some of his bad decision making, and has aided in taking away a weapon in O.J. Howard. Wirfs is in the top tier of Offensive Tackles in this draft class, and is a blessing to be on the board still for Jason Licht and Bruce Arians. 

15. Denver Broncos – Kristian Fulton, CB | LSU
Team needs: CB, LB, WR, OL – Total team picks (7)

This pick could very easily be a Wide Receiver to aid newly minted franchise QB, and Young Jeezy fan, Drew Lock. Courtland Sutton is on the verge of being tremendous, but a player like Jalen Reagor would be a perfect compliment. Still, Cornerback is also a need, and Fulton is a good one. In fact, while there is a drop-off from Okudah to Fulton, there is yet another drop off after Fulton. He is alone in his own tier two for the position, and Denver would be wise to lock him up. 

16. Atlanta Falcons – K’Lavon Chaisson, EDGE | LSU
Team needs: LB, EDGE, CB – Total team picks (7)

I mentioned at the top that Chase Young isn’t necessarily the slam dunk many perceive him to be, and Chaisson would be a humongous victory here for the Falcons. They are rumored to be in talks with Dante Fowler to man the EDGE, and this would only bolster that, not inhibit it. The former LSU Tiger is arguably not too distant talent wise from Young, even if the production hasn’t shown the same on paper.  

17. Dallas Cowboys – Xavier McKinney, S | Alabama
Team needs: CB, S, DL, EDGE  – Total team picks (6)

Jerry Jones is always lurking, and I have read that he is looking to make a major splash in this year’s draft. The assumption was that means trading up for Chase Young, although Chaisson is much more attainable. Do we really know what Jerry has planned or is capable of? That could just as easily be one of the QBs as it is Young, and would you be surprised to see him stick it to Dak by taking an arm? Without assuming any trades in this 2020 NFL Mock Draft 2.0, the Cowboys stand pat at 17 and address their secondary with the top Safety in this class. 

18. Miami Dolphins (from Pittsburgh) – Yetur Gross-Matos, EDGE | Penn State
Team needs: QB, EDGE, OT, CB, OL, RB – Total team picks (12)

The nice thing about Tagovailoa working out perfectly for the Dolphins, is that as long as he works out, these other two first rounders won’t be scrutinized as heavily in the history books – if they don’t work out that is. Gross-Matos may not be as high on some big boards to justify going in the Top 20, but he is on the same level athletically as Young and Chaisson, and is stout against the run in addition to be a strong rusher. This is the high upside gamble a smart front office would make.

19. Las Vegas Raiders (from Chicago – Patrick Queen, LB | LSU
Team needs: WR, LB, CB, DL – Total team picks (8)

The two players surging most right now are Becton and LSU Linebacker Patrick Queen. Having developed as Devin White’s understudy, Queen has garnered the confidence to show he can be the focal point and leader of a defensive unit. What he may lack in size, that is the question for some critics, he makes up for in tenacity and field IQ. This is the kind of Linebacker the Raiders were hoping to replace Khalil Mack with when they opted to trade him for a package of picks. Different style, similar value. 

20. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Rams) – Kenneth Murray, LB | Oklahoma
Team needs: LB, OL, WR, CB, S  – Total team picks (9)

A month ago, I had Murray listed ahead of Queen. He hasn’t gotten worse for this 2020 NFL Mock Draft 2.0, just Queen is really surging, and the gap is close. Murray can fly around the field and cover sideline to sideline. This, coupled with adding Wills, are two core moves that will pay immediate dividends.  

21. Philadelphia Eagles – C.J. Henderson, CB | Florida
Team needs: CB, LB, WR – Total team picks (8)

There are a few routes the Eagles can take, but addressing Cornerback is the most desire concern. Florida is a sneaky source of draft talent this year, and Henderson is atop the Gator talent pool. Good size and toughness, and his experience level in taking on the best of the SEC receivers has him ready to step in and be a force from day one as a pro. This pick instantly improves the Eagles. 

22. Buffalo Bills – Henry Ruggs III, WR | Alabama
Team needs: EDGE, WR, DL – Total team picks (8)

Speed kills. And because of that, there always seems to be a premium placed on it in drafts. Speed trumps size historically for Wide Receivers. Not only is Ruggs the fastest burner this year, he just might challenge the all time record. Add to that his toughness, and you have a highly desirable playmaker in the mold of Hardman, John Ross, and Marquise Brown. Josh Allen proved to be highly effective with John Brown, who would be a great mentor for Ruggs.

23. New England Patriots – A.J. Espensa, EDGE | Iowa
Team needs: TE, EDGE, OL – Total team picks (10)

This pick feels like an absolute Belichick steal with Espensa being highly regarded amongst the EDGE defenders, and is a man-child with a deadly bull rush. My concerns have been his fluidity on the outside at the next level, and if he would ultimately be a better fit on the interior. New England will utilize him where he can be most effective, and the talent is there to vault him into the folklore of elite Pats greats.

Andy Singleton's 2020 NFL Mock Draft 2.0 | Expand The Boxscore24. New Orleans Saints – Justin Jefferson, WR | LSU
Team needs: LB, OL, WR, QB – Total team picks (4)

Surprising to think of the Saints as having a need at Wide Receiver, but they do, and are in position to steal their second elite pass catcher of the last decade. Not only is Jefferson explosive, but he is an accomplished route runner who will thrive in the shadows of Michael Thomas. While many will want a QB here, the current trio will suffice, and the addition of the hometown national champion will be enough to ease the disappointment.

25. Minnesota Vikings – Josh Jones, OT | Houston
Team needs: CB, OL, DL – Total team picks (7)

Despite pushing all of their chips in on Kirk Cousins, Dalvin Cook has proved to be the straw that stirs the drink in Minnesota. Josh Jones has as much upside as the top Offensive Tackle in this class, so to get him this late as a potential hole puncher for Cook is a welcome addition.

26. Miami Dolphins (from Houston) – Austin Jackson, OT | USC
Team needs: QB, EDGE, OT, CB, OL, RB – Total team picks (12)

Remember what I said earlier in this 2020 NFL Mock Draft 2.0 about taking Yetur-Gross with their second of three first rounders? Well, this is the icing on the cake. Jackson has the size, and has been climbing up some boards as the draft process proceeds. Some will wish they take a Running Back here, but they can still grab their choice at the top of the second round, and address a more long term need with this pick. 

2020 NFL Mock Draft 2.027. Seattle Seahawks – Laviska Shenault, WR | Colorado
Team needs: EDGE, WR, OL – Total team picks (5)

Maybe the most physically gifted natural athlete in this year’s class. At times he shows elite potential, and others he shows to still be learning where he fits in an offense. You would have hoped this would all be figured out by now, but a string of various injuries has limited his playing time. For me, he resembles Cordarelle Patterson for all of the reasons mentioned. That is a player you take a risk on developing, and paired up with D.K. Metcalf could be scary for the opposition.  

28. Baltimore Ravens – Brandon Aiyuk, WR | Arizona State
Team needs: WR, LB, EDGE – Total team picks (7)

One of my personal favorites this year, I wish Aiyuk had participated in Mobile at the Senior Bowl. Rumors exist of him being advised of a favorable draft grade. A dynamic Combine performance would certainly justify him being selected at this stage. The Ravens can go a lot of directions with this pick, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them take a Running Back. Given how much success they have shown with Mark Ingram, taking their choice of successor would be a look towards the future.  

29. Tennessee Titans – Jordan Love, QB | Utah State
Team needs: EDGE, OL, QB, DL – Total team picks (5)

Quarterbacks will always be over-drafted due to the overall importance of the position. This 2020 NFL Mock Draft 2.0 is no different. Love did not do all that much to impress me at the Senior Bowl. However, he does flash moments where you see what it could all eventually become. The Titans, fresh off of a miraculous playoff run with a renewed and aggressive Ryan Tannehill, would be wise to pluck Love and let him learn from the sidelines for a year.

30. Green Bay Packers – Jalen Reagor, WR | TCU
Team needs: WR, LB – Total team picks (8)

Tee Higgins is still in play, as I think he looks more like the Packers style. But, Reagor is the type of explosive playmaker the Green Bay offense would thrive from. He reminds me a lot of Deebo Samuel, who proved a lot of doubters wrong in his rookie season. After finally unleashing Aaron Jones to great success, Reagor would slot in well as a compliment to Jones and Davante Adams. He would also rejuvenate an aging Aaron Rogers.

31. San Francisco 49ers –  Grant Delpit, S | LSU
Team needs: CB, OL, S – Total team picks (5)

A stacked defense is what propelled the Niners to the runner up position of the 2019 season. Their front seven in particular is deep and elite. Regardless of what happens with Jimmy Ward, adding Delpit to the mix pays immediate dividends, and makes the unit even more fearsome. Delpit is widely considered to be one of the top two safeties in this class. An excellent bargain at the end of the first round.

32. Kansas City Chiefs – Jeff Gladney, CB | TCU
Team needs: CB, OL, RB, LB – Total team picks (8)

If we were building a fantasy team, D’Andre Swift or J.K. Dobbins is a no brainer. The problem is, the offense was powerful enough to bring them to a Super Bowl title. It’s hard to imagine them being gluttonous and ignoring a major need at Cornerback. That is the position that almost cost them from advancing multiple times. Gladney offers top notch man coverage. Nothing would shock me. Addressing the CB situation in free agency while drafting a RB may be a better route.

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