Andy Singleton NFL Mock Draft v3

2021 NFL Mock Draft v3

2021 NFL Mock Draft v3

Draft Week is finally here! Appreciate all of the support we’ve been getting at XTB, and hope you are pleased with the content we have been providing. I am excited to announce we have been invited to participate this year in The Huddle Reports Mock Draft Scoring Challenge. The Huddle Report is the preeminent grading site for Mock Drafts, and this is the version I will be submitting as my personal final version. 

Don’t forget, there is a ton of coverage from everyone at Expand The Boxscore sprinkled throughout the site, so make sure to check it all out! Our 2021 NFL Draft Guide, Profiles and interviews from Ryan Roberts, 220 Scouting videos from Matt Holder, and don’t forget to mark your calendars for ‘Day 3 With XTB‘! We will be live streaming all of Day 3 on Saturday May 1st, recapping picks, evaluating best still available, interviewing guests from throughout the industry, and more. Make sure to join us. Hit me up on twitter @PeoplezPen with any critique, feedback, suggestions, or requests.

Andy Singleton’s 2021 Offensive Big Board for Fantasy Football

As a disclaimer, I do not forecast trades, because there is just too much uncertainty as to what teams will actually do on that front. Rumors are one thing, execution quite another. I do think Atlanta at 4th is the most likely trade to take place at this time. Let me know what you think of this, and have fun tearing it apart…

2021 NFL Mock Draft

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Mock v2 originally posted 4/18/2020 and can be found here