5 Bold Predictions for 2021 Fantasy Football

5 Bold Predictions for 2021 Fantasy Football

5 Bigger, Bolder and Borderline Bodacious Predictions for the 2021 Season

Another offseason has flown by (or crept by at a slothful pace depending on your point of view) and the NFL season opener is right around the corner. With great anticipation I have developed some bold predictions for the upcoming season that are far more attainable than meets the eye. 

Bold predictions can make or break a writer and I am more than ready to eat my words if wrong. Without further ado, I present to you my list of bigger, bolder and borderline bodacious predictions for the upcoming season. Here are 5 Bold Predictions for 2021 Fantasy Football:

1) T.J. Hockenson finishes the season with over 1,000 yards and inside the Top-4 fantasy TEs

There are few players that I am more excited about this season than T.J. Hockenson. Travis Kelce, Darren Waller and George Kittle have been crowned the three kings of the tight end position by the fantasy community, but Hock is about to burst through the door and make his presence known. Roughly 60% of the targets in Detroit have departed this season through free agency. This has created an opportunity for Hock to realistically have 125+ targets this season. At age 24 and going into his third season, T.J. is about to light the league on fire and make several fantasy teams ecstatic while doing so.

2) Tom Brady finishes inside the Top 5 in fantasy scoring at QB

When is this guy going to start aging? If you were bold enough to question the GOAT’s fit with Tampa Bay, Tom slammed the door shut with a 4,633-yard/ 40 passing TD season. Not to mention, he led the Buccaneers to a Super Bowl win while acquiring his seventh ring. Now I get it, the guy is 44 and Mother Nature eventually has to catch up to him, right? Wrong. Brady has the most lethal weapons at his disposal of his career in Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and a re-motivated Antonio Brown. Tom Brady is about to continue to silence his doubters and deliver another historic season in year two with Tampa Bay.

3) Corey Davis finishes the season with a 1,000-yard/ 10-TD season

When talent meets opportunity- great things tend to happen. Davis came extremely close to hitting the 1,000-yard mark last season and that was playing alongside A.J. Brown in Tennessee. Now the stud WR finds himself in New York, poised to be the WR1 in a budding offense led by rookie QB Zach Wilson. I loved the fantasy outlook for Corey Davis prior to Zach Wilson’s electric showing during the preseason. This performance was the cherry on top for me being all in on Corey Davis this season. He has always had the size and athleticism to be an elite WR and this is the year he will put it all together. 

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4) Amari Cooper finishes with more receiving yards than teammate, CeeDee Lamb

The hype train has been moving at a record speed for CeeDee Lamb. Although CeeDee is an amazing talent, let’s not forget how great his teammate is. Amari Cooper and Dak Prescott have a chemistry like few other stacks in the league. In the last two seasons playing for the Cowboys, Cooper has eclipsed the coveted 1,000-yard mark. He recently stated in an interview, “ I believe that I am the best receiver in the league” (Per NFL.com). Although, I do not agree with this statement, Amari has clearly heard his haters and is ready to prove them wrong. This season will be similar to the previous two but possibly even bigger because Dak will continue to hit his FAVORITE target all year if both can stay healthy.

5) Darren Waller finishes the season as the TE1

Please don’t pummel me for this one… I still believe that Travis Kelce is going to have an incredible season as per usual. But, Darren Waller is simply going to have an even greater season. Last season, The Walrus finished with 1,196 receiving yards and 9 TDs. This will mark the third season since Waller’s breakout season in 2019, which suggests he’s just scratching the surface of how great he can be. He is additionally three years younger than Travis Kelce. I am not saying that Kelce will fall off this year by any means, but he will be 32 in October. There is eventually going to come a season where Kelce isn’t as dominant as we have grown accustomed to. We just saw it happen in dramatic form with Zach Ertz. Last season, Waller led all TEs in Red Zone targets (24), team target share (27.7%), and reception share (29.0%) while being the primary target for Derek Carr (Per TheFantasyFootballers.com). I do not see this changing and I expect even more impressive statistics from Waller this season. 

Thanks for checking out my 5 Bold Predictions for 2021 Fantasy Football. Before choosing to roast me, remember, none of these predictions can be fulfilled until after the season ends. Until then, let’s kick back and enjoy another amazing NFL season- I personally cannot wait!