Brady White

Preseason Scouting Notes: Brady White, QB, Memphis

Redshirt Senior | 6’3” 215 lbs | Santa Clarita, CA | August 15, 1996


A three-year starter with good arm strength and solid accuracy on all levels of the field



Brady White came to Arizona State as a 4-star prospect, but lost his spot to Manny Wilkins after a heated QB battle. After transferring from ASU in 2016, he now enters his third year with the Tigers and second with offensive coordinator Kevin Johns. When the offense wasn’t relying on the run last year, the Tigers utilized play action, rollouts and simple half-field reads in the short and intermediate passing game, occasionally asking White to go deep.


– Showed some flashes of toughness, throwing the ball with pressure near and also on QB sneaks
– Solid ability to go through progressions on half field reads
– Good placement of ball on short and intermediate throws when on the move and solid accuracy overall when stagnant Shows good touch on seams and deep routes when kept clean
– Has an understanding of DB leverage, often throws the ball to his target away from the defender to prevent a PBU
– Enough arm strength to make off-platform throws
– Shows good velocity on his throws when needed
– Solid mechanics overall and shows good footwork when going through reads
– Shows solid pocket awareness when sensing pressure

Areas to improve:

– Ball placement on short routes. Inconsistent when throwing into tight coverage on intermediate and deep routes throwing either underthrown or behind receiver or in spot where defender can make play on ball
– Side step on throws to left interferes with ball placement and leads to dip on throws
– A little too aggressive going for the deep throw when there is an open receiver nearby
– Adequate decision making, not pulling the trigger when the opportunity is there leading to a broken play or throw away. Will also go for the impossible throw instead of the safer throw
– Gets a bit panicky in the pocket at times, even when pressure isn’t there. This also has an affect on his footwork when attempting the throw not getting his feet set
– Could get better at anticipating pressure and throw to his hot read (replace blitz with ball)
– No experience reading and diagnosing coverage changes at the snap
– Limited experience fitting the ball in between 2 defenders. Hasn’t shown anticipatory skills between the numbers
– Loose with the ball when on the run. Doesn’t keep two hands on it
– Doesn’t always have a tight release on short and intermediate throws

Injury concerns:

– Right foot injury in 4th quarter vs UCLA in 2016 (missed remainder of season). Minor ankle discomfort in early September 2018 (no games missed).


White has the arm strength, accuracy, toughness, and pocket awareness that teams could take a chance on. The main issue is whether or not he can read and understand the disguised coverages/blitzes that an NFL defense might present post-snap. Even if he corrects his decision-making and placement, it wouldn’t raise his stock a bunch. With that in mind, White could be looking at late Day 3 selection to a PFA. His best fit is with a team that has an established offensive line and relies on play action and easy-read throws, with concepts that gets his receivers open.

What to watch in 2020:

Can White tone down his big play style and settle for the safer throw? Will he see any opportunities as a runner if the offense needed a few yards? Or can he take advantage of those short yardage situations and improvise to a run call for himself? Is he able to make those tight window throws or lob a pass over a defender on intermediate throws? Can he throw with anticipation on passes between the hash? From a trait standpoint, those are some of the main questions to hope to have a grasp at in 2020. Stats wise, don’t expect anything less than a duplication of his 2019 campaign, where he threw for 4,014 yards, 33 touchdowns and had a 164.6 passer rating.