CFB Players To Watch: Week 8

CFB Players To Watch: Week 8

Welcome back for another look at some 2022 NFL Draft Prospects that are my 2021 College Football Players To Watch in Week 8! Each week I’ll be diving into several players that are NFL Draft bound in 2022! This week we’re looking at Drake Jackson, Myjai Sanders, and Henry To’oTo’o! CFB Players To Watch: Week 8

Stay tuned each week for more prospects! Without further ado let’s get into it!

Drake Jackson, DE/OLB, USC
vs Notre Dame

I’ve really been looking forward to diving back into Drake Jackson to see what all the hype was about. After a breakout freshman campaign, he quickly fell back to earth with a rather dismal sophomore season.

Part of this could be that USC had switched defensive coordinators, and the new guy just didn’t know how to utilize Jackson properly. My response to that is, “Dude, look at what the last guy did.”

I ragged on Jackson heavily in a YouTube Video I made covering some of the top prospects. So I’ve been eager to check back in on Jackson.

Statistically, he’s already improved on last year’s efforts in most regards. However, he’s still set to fall short of his excellent freshman season. But let’s see what the film says.

The game I watched was Washington State vs USC, which was statistically his second-best game this season. I’m still not overly impressed. This isn’t the college production we tend to see out of players that perform at the next level. At least from an IDP standpoint.

I don’t see any elite traits. He doesn’t have a great get-off, no snazzy pass rush moves, and he does tend to get overpowered, which is when pass rush moves would come into play.

When it comes to ranking this guy for the NFL Draft, I already know I will be far lower than consensus, and I’m okay with that.

Myjai Sanders, DE, Cincinnati
vs Navy

Sanders was another guy that I discussed in the YouTube Video where I discussed the Top 15 Prospects coming into 2021. My biggest note on Sanders was that he was kind of bland.

Now, this isn’t meant in a bad way. He’s reliable, does his job, and has some athleticism. BUT, he’s another guy that lacks that IT factor. And statistically this year he’s proven that.

He’s set to fall well short of his sophomore and junior campaigns in every statistical category. It’s time to take him off your Top 50 big board in my opinion.

Henry To’oTo’o, LB, Alabama
vs Tennessee

To’oTo’o while having an interesting last name, has an interesting story as well. He transferred to Alabama this year after two years at Tennessee. He was the dominant linebacker there and chose to challenge himself on the biggest stage in college football.

Since the move, his statistical production has taken a bit of a dip, and some red flags have popped up as well.

The biggest red flag for me is his solo tackle production compared to assisted tackles. This is always something I look at. When your solo tackles are higher (ideally a 2:1 ratio at minimum), this means you’re generally a sure tackler and you tend to get to the ball carrier first.

Which when I turned on the film, that was confirmed. Part of it derives from him being wildly undersized. Listed at 6’4 225, he has quite a wirey frame that’s better suited for safety. HOWEVER, I don’t know that he possesses the athleticism needed for that position.

He’s the proverbial Robin to Christian Harris’ Batman. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him stay another year and continue to develop. Otherwise, I think he’s a Day 3 project piece, that needs some development.


I hate feeling like I’m just tearing prospects down. Heck, I choose who I look into each week. But personally, I’m just not excited about these guys.

The only one of these players I think is going to end up over-drafted is Drake Jackson. I think we’re bound to see him in the 1st round. Personally, I’d be looking in the 2nd for him.

Myjai Sanders is probably a day two pick, likely leaning into the third round.

If To’oTo’o does declare, I expect him to be a Day 3 three selection.

They can’t all be Kayvon Thibodeauxs, Christian Harris’s, and Kyle Hamiltons. Tune in next week for another early dive into the coming 2022 NFL Draft Prospects!

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