Josh Jobe

Josh Jobe, Alabama

Senior | 6’1″ 195 lbs | Miami, Florida | 4/9/1998

Josh Jobe is an explosive corner with great man coverage skills and tackling but needs to improve in zone coverage.


Josh Jobe came to Alabama as a 4-star prospect and played on special teams as a freshman and sophomore before cracking the starting lineup late in 2019. He assumed the starting outside cornerback position opposite of 2021 first-round pick Patrick Surtain II last season, and he continued to improve as the season went on.

He is mainly asked to play press-man coverage, and he has the physical skill-set to mirror, re-route, and stay on the receiver’s upfield shoulder on vertical routes. Even as a starter, Jobe still maintained a consistent presence on the team’s kickoff coverage and punt return team.


  • Prototypical build for a cornerback prospect, excellent upper body bulk to translate to the physicality in the NFL.
  • Shows good technique in press, is usually very patient when mirroring the receiver’s release; uses a variety of press techniques to keep receivers on their toes.
  • Quick feet off the snap allows him to get into great position to reroute receivers during their stem.
  • Easy speed to run with vertical routes in the SEC.
  • Willing and able tackler: consistently contacts the ball carrier at the shoulders and has hip explosion to deliver a big pop.
  • Has good lateral agility and strong change of direction ability shows up playing man coverage.
  • Dismantles blockers with his hands and shoulders, keeping his body clean and in a good position to attack the ball carrier.
  • A bonafide special teams player: made several great plays in kick coverage in 2020.

Areas To Improve:

  • Doesn’t have strong pattern recognition at this point, often a tick late diagnosing concepts in zone coverage.
  • Footwork from a pedal is not clean; he has the burst but is not efficient enough to have a consistent break and drive when going backward.
  • Can do a better job locating the ball in the air, as he keeps his eyes on the man and won’t turn his head even when he is in a good position.

Injury Concerns:

  • None


If Jobe can clean up his zone eyes and backpedal, he is a likely top 50 pick in the upcoming NFL draft. He has all the traits you could ask of a #1 CB in the NFL (size, speed, explosiveness, etc.). Furthermore, he displayed his toughness and willingness to compete by returning to Alabama for another season to assume the mantle of the Tide’s top outside corner.

Even if there is only a slight improvement, Jobe would be highly sought after by teams who ask their cornerbacks to play a heavier than average dose of man coverage. This upcoming season in the SEC will give him a chance to compete against the country’s most gifted wide receivers, such as Treylon Burks, so his NFL readiness will be on full display.