Administrative Team

Andy Singleton


Andy is a jack of all trades in the Fantasy Sports industry, covering both football & baseball, as well as the NFL Draft. He has written, edited, podcasted, and produced over 1,000 videos for his various series, in addition to dozens of guest appearances and collaborative pieces.

He has been a top ranker on Fantasy Pros for both Football (23rd in 2018, 25th in 2019), and Baseball (7th in 2018 & 2019). An avid fan of mining for MLB prospects, and former D1 College hoops player, Andy is a native New Yorker, who has served as a firefighter in the FDNY for the past 18 years and counting.

Brian Creagh


A native of Chicago, IL, Brian had been providing sports data and content for the past seven years. An avid fantasy football and baseball player, his goal as a content creator has always been to get data into the hands of the reader and present it in a way to help make an informed decision.

When not watching or gambling on sports, Brian works in the analytics department for a Chicago insurance company.

John Partee

Data Management

A North Carolina resident, John grew up immersed in UGA football and NASCAR. As the primary back-end developer, John ensures we have the most correct and current data driving our statistics. When he isn’t staring at code and play-by-plays, he is a graduate student at Southern Methodist University, and a data scientist working in IT analytics and automation.

Jeff Hicks

Content Management

Jeff has been playing fantasy sports since 2001. He has covered and written about fantasy, high school, and professional sports for over five years. When not grinding articles and fantasy lineups, he spends time with his wife and two kids, runs for charity, and continues to get progressively worse at golf, no matter how hard he tries.

Matt Lownes

Social Media

Matt Lownes is a diehard Penn Stater and unapologetic Jets fan. Graduating from Penn State in 2019, his love for football is as strong as his hatred for Ohio State and the New England Patriots. “I’ll name my first-born son after Sam Darnold if he can win us a Super Bowl.”

Evan Hoffpauir

Graphics Manager

Evan Hoffpauir lives in the midwest, and has been playing fantasy since 2001. A Dynasty football fanatic and graphic designer, he is able to blend his two passions together to help lead the graphics direction with Expand The Boxscore. You can find Evan hanging with his wife and three boys, and playing all types of sports in his free time.

Nick Andolina


A Bay Area native with a passion for all things sports, specifically College Football DFS. Currently part of our Marketing and Content Management teams, Nick went from an XTB user to staff member. Assisting in day to day operations, as well as contributing articles on College Football DFS lineup building, Nick is also the current President of the Deshaun Watson Fan Club.

Ritvik Gandesiri


NFL and College Fantasy Football Content Team

Jordan Rains

IDP 411 Podcast

Jordan spends most of his time studying, analyzing and commentating on NFL defensive players. He wears multiple hats for XTB, assisting wherever help is needed. Fantasy Football is one of his passions, and the enjoyment of educating and competing against others in the space, as well as watching as much NFL Football as possible.

Jarod Gray

IDP 411 Podcast

Jarod Gray has written on Football and the NFL draft for the last 20 years, while also serving as an Active Duty Navy Chief. He has been playing Fantasy Football since 1998, and his love for the game starts with the rookies, and covers both sides of the ball.

Steven Stull

IDP 411 Podcast Producer

Steve is a 40 year old line lead at Cardinal Glass. When not making windows, he is busy producing and co-hosting the IDP 411 podcast. A Fantasy Football enthusiast, Steve especially enjoys IDP leagues. Some people (mostly Andy) say he reminds them of Aquaman.

Dominick Petrillo


Dominick is a life long Philadelphian, and lover of all sports. Since going blind in 2012 he has focused on football, both the NFL and College game. An avid Fantasy Football player for 20 years, Dom is a top ranker in industry via FantasyPros Expert Rankings Challenge.

Dominick is also a sharp handicapper, and provides his weekly top NFL picks in his Betting Blind column for XTB.

Robert LaMarco


Born and raised in New Jersey, Bobby has been Playing Fantasy Football for nearly 20 years

Bobby incorporates his love of learning about the impact of NFL coaching changes and implements this information in his weekly Opportunity Analysis column for XTB.

Trevon Godwin


Rolando Gonzalez


Hailing from the Paladium Bowl in Alice Texas, Rolando is a big Dallas Cowboys and Houston Astros supporter. A student of the game, who has been playing fantasy football since the age of 12, he is also a Fantasy Football writer contributing Player Rankings, Draft Strategies, and some HOT TAKES. Each week Rolando breaks down his top NFL DFS plays for XTB.

Jeremy Morris