Anthony Schwartz

Scouting Notes: Anthony Schwartz, WR, Auburn

Junior | 6’0” 179 lbs | Pembroke Pines, FL



The world youth record holder for the 100m and 200m dash, Anthony Schwartz is one of the fastest men in college football. Along with his blazing straight-line speed, he shows great burst off the line of scrimmage and solid change of direction ability to cut or elude defenders in the open field.


His speed allows him to explode off the line to challenge the defense vertically and when he can gain a free release against press can routinely burn the DB deep. Due to his lack of size and play strength, he struggles to re-stem when pressed off his route and can be caught up by defender jams. When using deceptive moves, he can struggle to keep his head and hips aligned which does not allow him to effectively sell his fakes. He is better off using his speed release and has the initial burst to make it effective.


The defense must respect his ability to beat them deep which allows for extra space underneath to execute his cuts. He shows smooth hips on his speed cuts, drops his hips well on curls, and can use defender leverage to get free deep. Schwartz is not the most nuanced of route runners, mostly relying on straight-line speed and can struggle to decelerate quickly at the top of deeper routes to hard cut.


Good deep tracking ability showing late hands and tucking the ball quickly to brace through contact. On underneath routes, he comes back to the ball well though can make concentration drops when feeling defensive pressure. His small stature does not allow him to fight through contact to make contested catches.

Yards After Catch (YAC):

Solid transition from receiver to runner with the vision and lateral agility to be effective on screens and utilize downfield blocking. He is not overly shifty as a runner but has the long speed to be a home run threat at any time. While his contact balance is lacking, he runs with good toughness and does not shy away from contact. Was effective as a jet sweep option as well.

Injury History:

2019 – Thumb injury, missed week 1


Arguably the fastest prospect in the draft, Schwartz has the potential to go the distance as a runner or pass catcher, fitting best at the Z or the Slot position. His vertical threat allows him to create space underneath where he can cut smoothly and create separation. He can struggle to release against press and cannot separate from jams, but his burst off the line often allows him to release freely. Does not have the frame to bring down contested catches but if he can improve his craftiness as a route runner, Schwartz will be a problem to cover at the next level.


Due to the increasing emphasis on WR speed in the league, Schwartz will be an intriguing prospect. His lack of polish as a route runner and struggles against press will prevent him from being one of the top receivers taken, but he has the talent to be a mid-day 2 prospect.

What to watch 2020:

Can he increase his polish as a route runner and use of leverage? With all the athleticism in the world, a leap in technique will make Schwartz a nightmare for even the top SEC defensive backs to cover.