Sadarius Hutcherson

Preseason Scouting Notes: Sadarius Hutcherson, OG, South Carolina

Redshirt Senior | 6’4″ 320 lbs | Huntingdon, Tennessee | April 22, 1998


A versatile and experience offensive lineman that possesses obvious power and a stout anchor but has issues bending at the waist



Sadarius Hutcherson came to South Carolina as a 3-star defensive end recruit who also played tight end as well as basketball in high school. Ultimately, he would make the switch to the offensive line and took his freshman year off as a redshirt before returning to play in over 30 games. He has started 11 games at LT and 18 games at both guard spots thus far. In the Gamecocks’ spread offense he’s seen work as a zone and power blocker against some of the best competition the NCAA has to offer.


– Demonstrated smooth footwork on vertical sets
– A force on the second level. Will quickly dismiss smaller defenders
– Effective man mover with initial punch leaves defenders shocked when he connects cleanly
– Heavy finisher who will attempt maul to guys to the ground
– Plays with good width in his stance and a sturdy anchor
– Has the necessary length, frame and strength to control defenders

Areas to improve:

– Motor runs extremely cold and lets him down in multiple facets of his game, including finding work when free or recovery after an initial block shed
– A bit top heavy, which leads to occasional overextension
– Very tight at the hips, which limits his mobility
– Multiple instances of false starts that he got away with but won’t at the next level
– Does not hold onto defenders well with grip strength. Often releases them before they can shed his block
– Bends at his waist rather than his knees
– Struggles to punch accurately on a consistent basis

Injury concerns:

– 2019 lower back cramp (left game early but did not miss any additional time)
– 2019 “tweaked ankle” (did not mis any games)


Hutcherson has the requisite power and anchor to be a developmental backup at the next level, but lacks the technical ability and natural flexibility to gather a starting position within his first few years. He is likely to be a late round selection or a PFA that project best at guard. His versatility to play multiple positions along the line is definitely a bonus and will provide him a slight edge as a depth piece on a team that runs a power run offense, where he shines best.

What to watch in 2020:

Hutcherson does not lack the physical attributes that NFL teams look for but struggles technically. First and foremost, he will need to show more effort on every down as he has a tendency to let plays go when beat initially. A better distribution in his weight to minimize the overextension will also be ideal as well as better hand technique. His hands hold power but his punches are not consistently accurate and he struggles to hold onto defenders after making initial contact. Hutcherson has some impactful holes in his game and needs time to clean them up before thinking about starting at the next level.