Shane Buechele

Scouting Notes: Shane Buechele, QB, SMU

Redshirt Senior | 6’1″ 207 lbs | Arlington, TX


A born leader with the ability to put a beautiful touch on his passes and give his receivers opportunities to make plays



Shane Buechele is a second-year starter coming into the 2020 season in SMU’s offense after transferring from Texas. As a first-year starter for the Mustangs, Buechele led SMU to a 10-3 record while setting multiple school records. In 2019, SMU ran a spread offense which showcased Buechele’s potential ability. Now in 2020, the Mustangs have a new offensive coordinator in Garrett Riley who will look to add his own twist to SMU’s playbook. Riley wants to simplify the playbook in hopes to unleash Shane Buechele’s ability as a Quarterback. Based on his knowledge of the game, Buechele should have no problem adjusting to his new OC’s philosophy.


– Gets the ball out of his hands quickly
– Not afraid to take a hit, whether he is in the pocket or out as a ball carrier
– Able to create a beautiful touch on deep throws if given the time in the pocket
– Gives his guys a chance to make a play on the ball
– Will use his legs to pick up yards
– Communicates and changes plays at the line of scrimmage pre-snap if needed
– Has taken snaps from under Center and in shotgun

Areas to improve:

– Does not work through his progressions. Not being able to look off the Safety will cause problems for him at the next level
– Extremely jittery in the pocket. Senses pressure that is not there
– Constantly has miscommunications with receivers on routes
– Needs to put more power behind his throws across the field as well as downfield
– Inconsistent as an accurate passer on all levels of the field. Short, simple routes are behind or in front of receivers and is rarely able to hit receivers in stride on intermediate/deep routes
– Although he is not afraid to pick up yards with his legs, he is not a threat to defenses athletically

Injury concerns:

Underwent surgery to repair a torn adductor/abdominal muscle suffered against Missouri (2018)


Shane Buechele knows the game inside and out and is a true leader on the football field, which are important qualities of a QB. But the inconsistencies with his overall accuracy and his lack of confidence in the pocket will lower his draft stock if he cannot improve in those areas. Buechele shows flashes of being a starting caliber QB in the NFL, but not on a consistent basis. Without improving his accuracy and confidence, Buechele will be a late day 3 pick or possibly even an undrafted free agent.

What to watch for in 2020:

Will Buechele be able to relax and play more calmly in the pocket? At times it seems that he is too jittery and uncomfortable as a pocket QB. If Buechele can get used to feeling comfortable in the pocket, his accuracy and stats will improve as a result. Can he sure up his accuracy as a passer? Buechele has trouble making the simple throws at times and makes huge completions down field, or vice versa. To be a starting QB in the NFL, his accuracy will need to be up-to-par at the very least to keep a starting job. Having a new offensive coordinator to finish up his collegiate career should help develop Buechele’s accuracy.