Treylon Burks

Treylon Burks, Arkansas

Junior | 6’3″ 225 lbs | Warren, Arkansas | 4/23/2000

A tough and physical receiver with the size and power needed to consistently run after the catch but lacks the speed to be a vertical threat.


Coming out of high school, Treylon Burks was a 4-star recruit and the top player in the state of Arkansas in 2019. Since his freshman year, he has started for the Razorbacks, where he earned All-SEC Second Team PR/KR and was on the All-Freshman SEC Team. Last year, as a sophomore, Burks was voted as second-team All-SEC WR. Arkansas offensive coordinator Kendal Briles runs a smashmouth spread “Veer and Shoot” offense that utilizes him primarily in the slot. Burks is used sparingly in the backfield on quick passes on swings, screens, and slants.


  • His long frame allows him to have a big receiving radius, allowing him to easily catch passes outside his frame, using his reported 10 ¼ inch hands to secure the ball through contact.
  • Looks fluid when changing directions on one-step cuts like posts and corners. 
  • He has excellent upper body strength as he can extend his arms to get separation from jams at the line and can stiff-arm defensive backs to get additional yards after contact.
  • Has a great ability to adjust his body to front up the ball and put himself in the best position to make contested catches.
  • Keeps his feet moving against hits consistently and has the strength to bull through tacklers to gain yards after contact.
  • Has the toughness along with the strength to block safeties and corners. 
  • Has the experience as a punt returner with some tackle-breaking ability to be a threat. 

Areas To Improve:

  • Does not have a lot of experience facing press coverage; release footwork off the line is underdeveloped.
  • He needs to display a more robust route tree; the offense does not ask him to run many routes besides flys, outs, and digs. 
  • He lacks explosiveness in and out of hard breaks. Fails to get separation on quick routes.
  • He doesn’t possess the long speed to threaten corners vertically.

Injury Concerns:

  • Undisclosed Right Knee injury in 2020 vs. Miss State, second quarter, did not return; missed the next game vs. Auburn.
  • Torn right ACL in high school in 2018


Burks has rare size for the wide receiver position and looks like a prototypical X WR. But he is also used like a smaller slot player. Therefore, it is difficult to project if he is better suited to being an X WR or a big slot at the next level. He has a ton of ability with the physical and athletic skills to work all over the field, be it underneath in traffic, in short out-routes, and on go routes down the field where he can run past defenders. 

This year, Burks will have plenty of chances to prove his worth in the SEC, competing against the best corners like Derek Stingley Jr. and Josh Jobe. If he proves he can play outside and expand his route tree, Burks could be the first WR to go in the first round from Arkansas since Matt Jones in 2005. If not, he’ll be a very intriguing prospect as a big slot receiver on Day 2