Ty Fryfogle

Ty Fryfogle, Indiana

5th Year Senior| 6’2″ 205 lbs | Lucedale, Mississippi | 1/28/1999

Fryfogle has the hands and the ball skills to win in contested catch situations at the next level but lacks the speed and quickness in and out of cuts to separate. 


Ty Fryfogle came into Indiana as a 3-star prospect from Mississippi. He was a reserve his freshman season before becoming a secondary receiving option during his sophomore and junior season. Fryfogle had his breakout season in 2020, becoming the Hoosiers’ go-to receiver down the field. He would normally play as an outside X receiver but would move to the outside slot receiver on 3×1 formations the team would often employ. The most common routes he ran were back shoulder fades, curls, and out-breaking routes.


  • Uses strong and consistent hands to secure passes away from his frame, rarely drops passes.
  • Incredible in contested catch situations, can make highlight-reel catches through contact.
  • Understands how to use his body to block out defenders at the catch point on jump balls and back-shoulder fades
  • Has good bulk on his 6-foot-2 frame, looks filled-in and sturdy
  • Has flashed good contact balance after the catch
  • When running curls, he has the ability to drop and his hips and slow his momentum quickly.
  • Shows good awareness and is able to locate soft spots in zone

Areas To Improve:

  • Was never able to win using his long speed, won’t be fast enough to be a deep threat even against slower corners.
  • Doesn’t show much explosion off his cuts doesn’t separate in and out of breaks.
  • Doesn’t have the quickness or hand usage to win against jams or press
  • Needs to prove that he can use his strength to break tackles after the catch 
  • Despite his size, he doesn’t show much effort or technique as a blocker

Injury Concerns:

  • Suffered an undisclosed injury against Michigan State in 2020


Fryfogle is a prospect whose best trait is making spectacular contested catches. This doesn’t serve Fryfogle well, as contested-catch skills haven’t translated well to the next level. Slower contested-catch specialists like N’Keal Harry and JJ Arcega-Whiteside floundered in the league, and it seems like NFL teams are more interested in taking smaller, quicker separators. The main thing I would like to see from Fryfogle in 2021 is if he can learn how to get separation against corners in man and see if can prove he’s a true threat in RAC scenarios. If he can add those traits to his repertoire, he could serve as a sure-handed 3rd receiver who can play both inside and outside.

The NFL Combine will have a huge impact on where Fryfogle will be drafted. He showed good enough athleticism to have success in college on tape, but that may not be enough in the pros. If he can run around low-4.5, it can show teams he has the potential to threaten slower corners or safeties vertically. If not, he could potentially slide out of the draft like Sage Surratt did last season. Overall, Fryfogle is an exciting WR with great hands but will need to prove he can separate in order to see significant playing time in the NFL.