2020 Fantasy Baseball Rankings

2020 Fantasy Baseball Rankings

Spring Training was in full swing. But now, Coronavirus is atop the Fantasy Baseball Rankings until at least April 8th (according to Cubs owner Tom Ricketts). MLB Shop won’t let you create the jersey you see here, but Photoshop has no limits. There have been a bunch of players thriving throughout Spring Training, and some of them actually offer plenty of hope for breakout and/or bounce back seasons. I’ve made yet another update to these, so enjoy in this unexpected and unprecedented layoff we have, as Opening Day is delayed. Stay safe everyone! We will get through this.

How To Use These Rankings

As for the Rankings themselves, the default presentation is Overall, but you can sort by each position. I have a tendency to favor prospects, and take a few gambles in drafts with guys I believe in having potential high ceilings. I already notice a few players I appear lower on than I think I want to be (Willy Adames comes to mind as an example), so make sure to check back here and there. Also, if you have some specific questions, find me on twitter @PeoplezPen. Every league is different, so context definitely matters. I consider myself to be most prominent in Points leagues, Prospects, and Pitching. Here’s to a great season!

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