4 Daily Fantasy College Football Picks for Today

Daily Fantasy College Football Picks for Today

4 Daily Fantasy College Football Picks for Today

John Laub, aka The Gridiron Scholar, joins Expand The Boxscore to deliver his weekly ‘Core Four’ lineup. Every Saturday morning throughout the ‪college football season, he will be providing readers with the necessary knowledge to generate a ‘cash game’ lineup for DraftKings.

By identifying four players who should anchor lineups in 50-50s and double ups, Laub helps fantasy owners succeed. The object is not to pinpoint well-known players, such as QB Tua Tagovailoa or RB Jonathan Taylor. For DFS diehards like Laub, those are easy selections to make.

We are seeking value in cash games and searching for a price value (projected points/salary x 100) over three times initial investment. The projected PV ratio is on the far-right column of the Core Four.

Enjoy the games!

Column Key

O/U Over/Under
Avg Average points scored by the player
High Highest DraftKings points on the season
P-YRD/G Opponents passing yards allowed per game
R-YRD/G Opponents rushing yards allowed per game
Pts All Opponents points allowed per game
Proj Pts Projected DraftKings’ point scored
PV Points Value








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