Fantasy Football Rankings – Week 7

Fantasy Football Rankings Week 7

Fantasy Football Rankings – Week 7

by Andy Singleton

Fear. Trepidation. Anxiety.

If you think I’m describing your Sunday afternoons, as you watch NFL games hoping your fantasy compadres are performing to their best abilities, I am not. I am talking about my Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and every other day of the week leading up until kickoff on Sunday.

For better or worse, I have become what is considered to be an ‘expert ranker’ via the FantasyPros Expert Consensus Rankings Panel. Most of us logging the hours to gain an audience in this business truly do care. This is why being on this exclusive panel comes with some inherent pains. There really is more bad that can come from this than good. I speak half jokingly, in what is my customary sarcastic tone, but there is some truth to the joke.

I finished some weeks in the top 10. Some of you are now following me as a result. I have also finished weeks (like this past one) ranked outside the top 40. If you wonder how much this means to us, or at least to me, it’s a lot. I want to get this right for you and for me. I’ll be honest, mostly for me. But I wouldn’t be doing this at all if it weren’t for you, so we need each other.

Below, you will find my up-to-the-minute fantasy football rankings for Week 7. Use them to answer your own ‘start or sit’ questions. I rank every player at every position, including IDP. There are options for PPR or Standard leagues, as well. I try to make it as easy as possible, so hopefully all of your questions are answered.

Currently, I sit at #28 on the in-season accuracy list. I finished 23rd last year, so we’re going in the wrong direction, but that will change. I vow to you to return to glory, and get back to the non-anonymous range. This is my pledge to you! Best of luck in Week 7, and as always, find me on twitter @PeoplezPen.

I would be remiss to not share with you a blockbuster trade I just pulled off in a keeper/salary/super-flex home league. It is raucous with trash talking, and if you read the above paragraph, you can bet I am the brunt of a lot of jokes. After six weeks, or what amounts to half the fantasy season, my record is 3-3, currently qualifying as a playoff team.

My RBs are Josh Jacobs and a prayer, and we start two. The prayer hasn’t been working out too well. However, I just sent Lamar Jackson, Chris Godwin, and Mason Rudolph for Saquon Barkley, Keenan Allen, and Philip Rivers. Surprisingly, this only has a 64% approval rating based on the Twitter poll posted. Whatever. I am happy and ready to roll.

I guess that’s going to be it. I am out of words, and you came for a list, not a story. I’ll go back to my anxiety, and continue to overthink and overanalyze where I place people in the upcoming weeks. Prepare to tell me how wrong I was.

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