Millionaire Maker Lineups

Analyzing the Winning Millionaire Maker Lineups of the 2018 NFL Season

by Alec Aubry (@FantasySpuds)

Part One: The Bigger Picture

Welcome all, to this 2019 NFL DFS kickoff series! This has been my favorite research conducted in the offseason: breaking down the Millionaire Maker Series on DraftKings. We’ll start with a description of my general approach towards large field tournaments, and then break down what I have found in my research of the seventeen 2018 winning lineups of DraftKings Millionaire Maker contests. Each article will focus upon a different position (QB, RB, WR, TE, FLEX & DST), revealing what strategies and trends were used by last year’s winners. At the end, you will also find some fun facts dug up throughout the research, which I found enjoyable, and hopefully you will too.

Football is now finally just around the corner, which means we need to fine tune our plans on how to attack this season. Yes, I said season, and not Week 1. One of the biggest mistakes I have made, and have watched others make, is picking and choosing players solely due to their match-ups. In order to win consistently, we need to find a blueprint we can use week in and week out, that will produce positive results more often than not. This series is going to help us find exactly what that blueprint is. It will help determine, ideally how much we want to spend at each position, where to “eat the chalk”, where to take risks, and where to play it safe.

Spoiler Alert: There is no perfect blueprint that will win you a million dollars every single week. Sports are, to a point, random. That is why we love it so much! We never know exactly what is going to happen next. This does not mean we still cannot find bread crumb trails left for us by those who have found success! (Hint: the 17 lineups that won millions of dollars last year). But, back to my point of picking players solely by match-ups each week. I want to ensure you: match-ups do still entirely matter, as teams and individuals. What I want to convey is, let’s use a combination of the match-ups, the data, and our consistent blueprint, to guide our DFS Tournament success this season! 

Here at ExpandTheBoxscore.com, we want to provide you with all the tools and information you need to achieve this success. We want to help you become the best fantasy player you can be. Certain sites will name drop line ups for you to simply plug and play. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, for players who want something quick and easy. To describe this way of playing DFS is the equivalent of eating at a fast food joint. It’s quick, it’s always there, and you don’t have to cook it yourself. At XTB, we want to provide YOU with all of the tools and information YOU need, to help YOU become a better DFS player. Consider us the cookbook and flavorful ingredients, on your journey to becoming a master chef! We want you to WIN. It is really that simple. Learning how to use these tools and information is something we at XTB are here to help you with. If you are up for the challenge of learning how to dominate the fantasy sports world, we are your site! One of the oldest sayings, perfectly applies here: “Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime”.

Ok, so maybe this first part was more of an introduction, than the entire manual. As I mentioned, we will explore each position individually, and Part Two will discuss General Strategies, and the Quarterback position. I’ll leave you with some of those general fun facts I discovered in researching the seventeen elite line ups that generated millions of dollars. Let me know if you notice any trends. Enjoy!

Fun Fact #1: THE ULTIMATE 2018 LINEUP!

Combining the best performances from these seventeen lineups at each position generates the Ultimate Lineup of:

Week Pos. Player’s Name Matchup DK Price % Owned DK Points
Week 4 QB Mitch Trubisky vs TB $5,200  1.50% 46.46
Week 12 RB Christian McCaffrey vs SEA $7,900 18.80% 52.7
Week 1 RB Alvin Kamara vs TB $8,500  33.50% 46.1
Week 14 WR Amari Cooper vs PHI $6,600  12.40% 52.7
Week 3 WR Calvin Ridley vs NO $3,700  12.00% 43.5
Week 9 WR Michael Thomas vs LAR $7,600  16.60% 42.7
Week 13 TE Travis Kelce at OAK $7,000  15.90% 42.8
Week 16 Flex Antonio Brown at NO $8,300  15.00% 47.5
Week 17 DST Chiefs vs OAK $2,600  4.30% 24
Total 398.46


Fun Fact #2: The Worst of the Best

Looking at the opposite side of the spectrum, here is the generated lineup of the worst performers at each position from these seventeen Milly Maker winning lineups:

Week Pos. Player’s Name Matchup DK Price % Own DK Points
Week 12 QB Lamar Jackson vs OAK $5,700  14.80% 22.22
Week 17 RB Dwayne Washington vs CAR $3,000 10.40% 13.8
Week 2 RB Kareem Hunt at PIT $6,200  8.60% 15
Week 11 WR Corey Davis at IND $5,600  20.10% 4.9
Week 9 WR Laquon Treadwell vs DET $3,300  5.70% 5.7
Week 13 WR Cordarelle Patterson vs MIN $3,300  0.10% 7.9
Week 15 TE Kyle Rudolph vs MIA $3,500  5.50% 5.3
Week 14 Flex Phillip Lindsay at SF $6,300  18.70% 15.1
Week 8 DST Steelers vs CLE $2,300  34.20% 7
Total 96.92


Fun Fact #3: The Highest Owned Player in a Week Was WHO?!

When you first saw “Highest Owned Player” I’m sure you imagined a work horse Running Back with an absolute cake matchup. Well, you’re right! But it probably isn’t one of the first names that popped into your head. 

It was Joe Mixon! At 41.60% in Week 15 vs the Oakland Raiders. His price tag this week was a very manageable $6,100 and he did pay off this price point by putting up 30 DK Points. 

Fun Fact #4: 1st Place By Any Means

Returning right back to Week 15, did you know this was also the lowest scoring Millionaire Maker winning lineup of 2018? Led by a trio of RBs (Dalvin Cook [32.3 DK Points], the aforementioned Joe Mixon [30 DK Points] and Marlon Mack [29.9 DK Points]), the lineup amounted a score of 206.44. In comparison, the largest total from any week came in Week 1, as the TB vs NO game stack went bananas courtesy of QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (45.28 DK Points), RB Alvin Kamara (46.1 DK Points), WR Michael Thomas (42 DK Points), WR DeSean Jackson (34.6 DK Points), and WR Mike Evans (30.4 DK Points). This game stack led lineup combined for a whopping 301.18!

Sometimes there will be these absolute boom weeks, and sometimes there will be absolute bust weeks. But hey, a million dollars is a million dollars, right? 

Fun Fact #5: Lowest Owned Stack of 2018

For those with a great memory you might know this answer already, because it truly shocked everyone and was possibly the biggest surprise performance of the year. The answer is Brock Osweiler and Albert Wilson in Week 6. Osweiler provided that week’s Millionaire Maker winner with 31 DK Points at a $4,300 price point and 0.40% ownership at the helm of the ship at home against DA BEARS. His partner Albert Wilson scored 36 DK points at a $3,800 price point and 0.80% ownership. This is something I don’t think I will every say again, so just let this next sentence sink in a little bit. Brock Osweiler and Albert Wilson against the 2018-2019 Bears defense led a lineup to 1st place in DraftKings Millionaire Maker contest. This is just another reminder how random and amazing DFS can be, week in and week out. 

Until next time, thanks for the read. I can’t wait to begin dissecting the plans for our successful 2019 NFL DFS Season, right here on ExpandTheBoxscore.com! Hope you guys have an amazing day!