IDP 411, E22 | IDP 123 Scoring

The IDP 411: IDP 123 Scoring

The IDP 411 is back with a special episode! Jordan takes on his first solo show and breaks down the IDP 123 Scoring system he, Jarod, and Steve have spent time refining. IDP 123 is a simple, unified and balanced approach to IDP Fantasy Football scoring. IDP 123 is for everyone, not just the extremes or the die-hards. It’s an invitation to play the WHOLE game of Fantasy Football, because if you aren’t playing IDP Fantasy Football, you truly are only playing half the game.

2020 NFL Mock Draft 2.0 (Andy Singleton)

2020 Senior Bowl Recap & WR Review (Andy Singleton)

2020 Quarterback Big Board (Ricky Valero)


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