XTB Site Mock 2021 NFL Draft

XTB Consensus Final Mock – 2021 NFL Draft

We got five from our team to each submit their first round picks for a 2021 NFL Mock Draft. These are the final results being submitted to The Huddle Report for grading. Our panel is comprised of XTB Owner Andy Singleton, XTB Director of Scouting Cyril Penn, XTB Scouting Coordinator Paul Duncan, XTB Scout and creator of the Athletic Success Indicator (ASI) metric Rob Simpson, and XTB Scout and 220 Video Scouting series lead Matt Holder.

Collectively, there were 46 players selected, making 14 over the total who’s names will be called. The positional breakdown was: 6 Quarterbacks, 2 Running Backs, 7 Wide Receivers, 1 Tight End, 6 Offensive Tackles, 2 Offensive Guards, 1 Offensive Center, 3 Defensive Tackles, 8 EDGE, 3 Linebackers, 5 Cornerbacks, and 2 Safeties.

You can see each analysts personal picks below the XTB Site Consensus, with projected trades highlighted in red.

2021 NFL Draft

XTB Site Mock NFL Draft 2021

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