Expand The Boxscore Introduction

Expand The Boxscore Introduction

by Andy Singleton

My name is Andy Singleton (@PeoplezPen), and I am one of the co-founders of this new and revolutionary website. I thought it would be wise to write this introduction, to give you a better picture of who we are, why we are here, and where we are looking to go. 

I won’t walk you through the entirety of my career, but it is safe to say I have been pretty blessed and fortunate over the past seven years, since I got into the sports industry. I have made some great friends, and contacts, and I truly know I could not do this alone, which answers some of the why question for this site being born. In my travels as an amatuer evaluator of the NFL Draft, I longed for quick and easy access to targets for college wide receivers. While some places do exist with this offering, I found them to be few and far between. What was worse, they all seem to be geared for teams and a more private audience, as opposed to the general public such as myself. While discussing this with an industry friend, Brian Creagh, the light bulb went off simultaneously for the both of us. We could build this and make it accessible for all! So we started digging in, and found a way to gather, track, and categorize every touch a player was responsible for. Not only did we get the targets I desired, but we uncovered a wealth of additional information, that truly changes the way we can view the statistics. Brian was more interested in doing this as an in-season project, to assist in Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) lineup building. His aim was to have a basic and rudimentary model out in August of 2019, to coincide with the start of the NCAA season. But, because I annually trek down to Mobile, Alabama for the Senior Bowl, and feel entrenched in the Draft community, I begged for us to get it up sooner. Initially we launched in December 2018, and were immediately met with votes of approval, and appreciation. We knew we had something special, but to get it to feel like it delivered to it’s capacity, we knew we had more work to do.

The beginning of the year welcomed us with a few obstacles, most notably the nuptials of my co-founder. We were not entirely sure how far we could take this, and at what speed, but we both knew we would not be able to escape it’s calling. I also had recently been married, so could completely relate to Brian’s pressing needs (our About Us pictures reflect the tuxedos for this very reason), and we took a hiatus. The time off, however, did not last long. Before I knew it, he was recharged, invigorated, and we were full steam ahead! Brian and I also share a passion for Baseball, and since Football was on the back burner in most minds during the spring months, we started discussing and developing how we could take our model and apply it to other sports. Needless to say, we quickly realized we could accomplish it. So now what? How do we build this out, and make it look presentable, so that people who do not even know us would see what we saw at first glance? To this point, my analogy for our offering was “lobster served on paper plates.” We knew the product was a success, but how we were delivering it was not translating that message. It was time to take things to the next level. And with that, you have the who. Here comes the where!

I mentioned that I have dabbled as a content provider, and as such, have felt the joys and misery that go on behind the scenes. We wanted to provide articles and podcasts on our site, to compliment the product we have available. But, we want it to be right. We want guys to write with their passion and flair, and for you to get something meaningful out of it. There are some really great people in this world, and more specifically the sports community. Several immediately reached out, and we were humbled to hear the excitement they had in our vision. It is an honor to see so many coming together so quickly with a common goal, and we have put together a really dynamic foundation for a phenomenal content team! From articles and podcasts to videos and more, we are going to have you covered on a daily basis with information. We have also added some world class graphic designers, to help illustrate everything it is we are doing as a site. The goal was to build a family; from the top down, and back up again. That means us as the providers, as well as you the audience. We want you to know us. We want you to enjoy us. We want you to feel like you belong. It is for those very reasons we are priced the way we are. I was told numerous times we were not charging nearly enough, just for the data we offer alone! But the overall product would fail, if we did not have the resources to support it. So while we are trying to generate enough to keep the lights on, we are doing it in a fashion that I have labeled a peasant’s price. We are starting with our College Football offering, and then taking the model to bring you NFL data. From there, we will head into the Basketball season, and do similarly for NCAA hoops, and the NBA. Lastly, we will expand on what we started doing for MLB and Minor League Baseball. We have big goals, and as such, big shoes to fill. But we are confident we will get there, and wanted to thank you from day one! 

Now that you know our back story, we are hoping you will join us to help write the next chapter. We are true to our word that this is a community we are looking to build, so any feedback you may have, we would love to hear. Your comments and support are also appreciated. Get to know the whole team, and strap in for a new way of analyzing sports data! You can click below to take a look and register.