Cade Mays

Scouting Notes: Cade Mays, OL, Tennessee

Junior | 6’6″ 318 lbs | Knoxville, Tennessee


A powerful lineman with positional versatility, man-moving ability and a nasty streak



Cade Mays originally committed to Tennessee, but would ultimately choose Georgia and see playing time as a freshman. However, after his sophomore season he would enter the transfer portal and choose to play for the Vols. He would be denied eligibility but after an appeal and a sticky situation regarding his father and the university, he would win his appeal. During his time with the Bulldogs, Mays would play in a very power reliant offense in which he shined when given opportunities. With the Vols, he will likely slot in as a starter for their more zone based offense.


– As a run blocker he is fantastic and getting the right positions to open up holes
– His punches and grip possess serious strength
– Sustains blocks at a high level due to ability to stay in front of his man
– Feet move fluidly for his size
– Nasty finisher
– Constantly looking for work
– Has the technicality and versatility to play any position along the line

Areas to improve:

– Only a modest athlete at the second level and open field
– Has a tendency to play tall at times
– Shows his top heaviness and bends at the waist on occasion
– Punches lack consistent accuracy and allows defenders to work inside too often
– Average athleticism hurts his ability against speed rushers in pass pro

Injury concerns:

– 2018 undisclosed injury (left Kentucky game and missed Auburn game)
– 2018 shoulder injury (missed Bama game)
– 2019 undisclosed “minor” injury (sat out end of Florida game)
– 2019 undisclosed “soreness” injury )left Auburn game early)


Mays is a legitimate man mover and stabilizer when he can get a grip on his defender. His versatility has helped the Dawgs but has hurt his stock thus far. His lack of time at one specific position is severely downplaying his level of talent. He has been unable to string together a consistent playing level in college career, something he looks to do for Tennessee. As of now he is a late day two, early Day 3 developmental back up and spot starter for most teams. He ideally fits for zone teams but can play in many different systems. His position at the next level will likely be at guard due to his lack of a true position but has the ability to break out at any position along the line.

What to watch in 2020:

While there are technical aspects of Mays game that need to get ironed out, he more importantly needs to find his home. He has yet to truly claim a position and this has magnified the flaws in his game since he has not been given any consistent game time. The Vols are likely to use him as a full time starter so the future bodes well for Mays. Once he nails down a position, the next step is to get some consistency back and prove his talents.