Preseason Scouting Notes: Jalen Mayfield, OT, Michigan

Junior | 6’5” 319 lbs | Grand Rapids, MI | May 23rd, 2000


A strong, impressive tackle who excels in all areas with his imposing power and stability



Jalen Mayfield is an upcoming Junior in Ann Arbor with a bright future. He started 13 games in 2019 with a very impressive showing in his sophomore season. A young 20 years old, Mayfield impressed last season in Michigan’s power run offense. He excels in the pocket passing and power run combination in Ann Arbor. Being the only returning starter on the offensive line at Michigan, he will have a lot on his shoulders. However, last year proved that he has the ability to rise up to the challenge. With another good season in 2020, Mayfield could set himself up for a first round selection in 2021 if he chooses to enter the draft.


– Extends hands in pass protection
– Attacks effectively on down blocks
– Impressive lateral mobility against speed rushes
– Keeps himself between the defender and the quarterback
– Powerful hands help him turn defenders
– Great push on run blocks
– Incredible drive to finish plays
– Showed out against top competition (notably Chase Young)
– Exemplifies anchor required to stunt bull rushes

Areas to improve:

– Occasionally struggled to get up to the second level while run blocking
– Can give up the inside leg in pass protection

Injury concerns:



Mayfield has shown impressive pass protection reps against stellar competition. With impressive power, drive, and footwork, he excels in nearly every aspect of an effective offensive tackle. Apart from a few reps where he gave up the inside, he was an absolute anchor on the right side while pass blocking. If Mayfield keeps up his stellar play, he should be one of the top tackles coming out in the 2021 draft. Mayfield shows so few weaknesses that he’s a near lock for a first or second round selection barring any serious setbacks.

What to watch in 2020:

As previously stated, Mayfield occasionally got caught setting too far outside, subsequently allowing defenders to cut inside of his pass sets. Seeing improvement in this aspect will be very important for his development. Mayfield was less comfortable blocking on the second level. He wasn’t deplorable, but was simply acceptable at it. Making this a positive aspect of his game would go a long way in certifying his status as a top prospect for the 2021 draft. Look for Mayfield to overpower the opposition consistently and retain his stance as a lockdown starter for the Wolverines.