Preseason Scouting Notes: Michal Menet, OC, Penn State

Redshirt Senior | 6’ 4’’ | 302 lb | Birdsboro, PA


A consistent center with a strong anchor and upper body who plays somewhat high and stiff



Michal Menet is a fifth-year senior at Penn State who has played over 30 games for the Nittany Lions and been a strong point of consistency for their offense. He was an All-Big Ten honorable mention and a team captain in 2019. In Penn State’s gap-based offense, Menet isn’t responsible for opening up holes, rather ensuring that they aren’t filled by defenders. He excels in this role and rarely gives up pressure for Penn State’s consistently good passing offense. He’ll hope to continue his health and trend of success in 2020 as he prepares for his name to be called during the 2021 NFL draft.


– Extremely consistent with his technique
– Quick feet in pass protection
– Great balance. Rarely thrown off his feet
– Takes beneficial angles on down blocks
– Able to shift NT’s position on A gap runs
– Sets a very strong anchor against bull rushes
– Rarely blows a block
– Keeps his eyes up in pass protection, and his experience shows in his ability to pick up stunts

Areas to improve:

– Plays with a high set
– Doesn’t showcase excessive power
– Plays a little stiff in the hips
– Struggles to get up to the second level on running plays
– His upper body can leave his feet occasionally, resulting in lunging at defenders
– Can’t keep up with linebacker’s quickness in and out of the box

Injury History:

– Undisclosed injury in 2019 caused him to miss one game


Menet does what centers are asked to do: stay consistent. Very rarely does he completely miss his block. On the opposite end of the spectrum, he does not exhibit frequent splashy, exciting blocks or plays. Having consistent above-average play in a highly competitive division such as the Big Ten will get Menet solid draft buzz, and he will not disappoint the team who drafts him. However, he may not exceed expectations. Menet is the type of center that high volume passing teams need. Teams such as the Chiefs, Rams, or Buccaneers would covet a center whom they know won’t let pressure up the middle. As long as he maintains his consistency in 2020, he should be drafted in the third or fourth round.

What to watch in 2020:

The biggest thing to watch for in 2020 is whether Menet can start to flash more stud level blocks. These are plays where he blows up the nose tackle or bumbles downfield for a pancake on a second or third level player. Expect Menet to maintain his consistency, but it’s those high-level explosive blocks that could really take his game to another level. Better movement skills at the second level from Menet would remove some concern surrounding his upside as well.