Cordell Volson

Preseason Scouting Notes: Cordell Volson, OT, North Dakota State

Senior | 6’7″ 313 lbs | Balfour, ND


A tough and aggressive lineman with a long and well built frame, an explosive get off, and a desire to put opponents on the ground



Cordell Volson is entering his fifth and final year in Fargo for North Dakota State. As the right tackle in the Bison pro-style offense, he has good experience in zone blocking schemes. As a first team All-Conference selection in 2019, he helped North Dakota State win their eighth National Championship of the decade. With the Missouri Valley Conference having postponed their season until the spring, Volson must decide whether he will join the other NFL hopefuls from the FCS in transferring to a D1 institution, or if he will remain with his home state power house. The former 2-star recruit will have NFL eyes on him, and he will be one of many that must make hard choices very soon.


– Quick get off with good hip explosion that he uses to create drive and reset the line of scrimmage in the run game
– Good flexibility in the lower body that can help him gain leverage and win one-on-one battles
– Sets the edge and turns edge defenders inside to create outside running lanes
– Good punch strength and flashes excellent timing to throw defenders off track
– Can plant his feet and dig in to stalemate power rush attempts
– Controlled kick sets. Does not give depth too quickly and keeps the inside lane shut
– Constantly looking for work and giving maximum effort while trying to finish blocks all the way to the ground

Areas to improve:

– Tendency to play with high pad level that neutralizes drive and leverage his lower body can provide
– Plays with narrow feet which can lead to him ending up on the ground too often
– Has an occasional forward lean that compromises his balance
– Vulnerable to straight speed rush off of the edge due to limited lateral mobility
– Punch accuracy can negate the strength and timing and hands tend to drift out wide throughout the course of the play
– Ability to redirect in the second level and put himself in position to make a block

Injury concerns:



Volson has the length and athleticism to be a tackle in the NFL. Due to being a better run blocker than he is a pass blocker, the right side will be his home so that he is not on the blind side of the quarterback. His best fit is in a scheme that favors zone running concepts. His aggressive mentality and desire to finish blocks will serve him well, but his lack of positional versatility could hold him back if he cannot convince teams that he is a worthy of being a starter or No. 3 tackle. Front offices that feel the need for both a third tackle and a boost to their run blocking will look to pick him up on Day 3.

What to watch in 2020:

Volson will need to address his overall posture first and foremost. Eliminating the forward lean and improving his footwork will help him maintain his balance and stay off the ground, while playing with a lower pad level will allow him to capitalize more on his flexibility and generate more drive. Improving his ability to redirect in the second level and better position himself will help him create more opportunities for big plays. Keeping his hands inside and punching with more accuracy will allow him to avoid the occasional holding call and to better control defensive lineman.