Josh Myers

Preseason Scouting Notes: Josh Myers, OC, Ohio State

Redshirt Junior | 6’5” 312 lbs | Miamisburg, OH | Second Team All-Big Ten



Josh Myers has solid athletic ability with the mobility to screen block, balance to recover from awkward positions, and quickness to make an impact at the 2nd level. Shows good explosiveness and power when firing off the line.

Zone Blocking:

An effective frontside zone blocker, Myers does a very good job attacking the backside hip of the DT and driving him out of the play with solid hip roll and very strong leg drive. He combo blocks well, with solid lateral agility to get square at the 2nd level and understands LB flow. He can struggle as a scoop or reach blocker due to his average foot speed and inability to use his hands to set up his feet. His hand timing is inconsistent and often allows hands to his chest. He does not possess the change of direction ability to effectively pick up hard blitzing LBs and can allow his pad level to rise on initial contact with DTs, hurting his ability to sustain.

Gap Blocking:

Myers’ big frame and strength will make him a sought after gap blocker at the next level. He fires hard off the line with good low pad level, rolling his hips, using his powerful punch to lift, and driving with his strong lower body. He covers pulling guards especially well, coming across to attack the inside half of the defenders and driving him out hard. Though he was not asked to pull much in college, he possesses the mobility and strong initial contact to function as a puller at the next level.

Pass Protection:

Good steady pass protector overall, with the lateral agility and footwork to stay with looping defenders and the awareness to pick up stunts and blitzes. Has an impressive anchor ability with very good ankle flexion, able to hold his ground even when surrendering upper body leverage. Though he functioned mostly as a help pass protector, when in one-on-one situations, he was patient and deliberate to counter rush moves with his strong punch and stay square with the defender shuffling his feet. Good hand usage overall in pass pro, with quick and aggressive hands to re-establish positioning, and the strength to widen and pass off DTs.

Injury History:



Myers has the size and strength to play either center or guard at the next level. He will fit best in a gap-based scheme where he can use his explosiveness off the ball and strong leg drive to move the line of scrimmage. He may struggle in a zone scheme due to inconsistent hand timing and inability to swing his hips around on scoop or reach blocks. He will thrive in any type of passing scheme, with the anchor ability to sustain on long vertical routes and the punch strength for jump sets.


Myers’ versatility and pass blocking acumen will make him a valuable asset to a gap-based team. Though not as dominant physically as other interior linemen in the draft, he will be a valuable, consistent presence. A needy gap team may reach for him in the late 1st, but his overall talent level puts him as an early 2nd round selection at the moment.

What to watch 2020:

Can he improve his hand timing and body control? Development in these areas will make him more versatile and valuable as a zone blocker and raise his draft stock. His performance in one-on-one situations will also be telling, as he receives a lot of help from teammate Wyatt Davis, another potential 1st round OL.