Master Teague

Preseason Scouting Notes: Master Teague III, RB, Ohio State

Redshirt Sophomore | 5’11” 225 lbs | Murfreesboro, TN | May 19, 2000


A rumbling power back who falls forward but can struggle to shake tacklers and create yards on his own



Master Teague is a tough redshirt sophomore at Ohio State. Having played behind the newly drafted J.K. Dobbins, Teague amassed 789 rushing yards in 2019. Ohio State’s gap/power run scheme benefits Teague’s powerful rushing style. The Buckeyes impressive O-line will be able to create holes for Teague to accelerate through and blast defenses apart. With little more than 100 rushes in 2019, Teague will have a lot more to show scouts in 2020 as the lead back in Columbus.


– Able to catch the ball out of the backfield with sufficient hands
– Has the tendency to fall forward and generate an extra yard or two with his old fashioned rushing style
– Some experience lining up as a wide receiver after being motioned out of the backfield
– Powers through holes fearlessly, prepared to take on any would be tackler
– Large figure lent itself to a lack of runs for loss
– Has impressive straight-line speed and acceleration
– A force in short yardage situations, able to bustle forward for first downs
– Sufficient pass blocking abilities, taking on stunts and blitzers without hesitation effectively

Areas to improve:

– Failure to create missed tackles often due to a lack of nimbleness, often getting taken down by the first defender to come into contact with him
– Had a tough time on broken plays and flawed blocking execution, having a very limited number of high velocity cutbacks
– Skill set closely resembles a power back style running upright and stiff, which might struggle in translating to today’s NFL
– Questions as to whether he can effectively catch the edge effectively and capitalize on outside runs being utilized almost entirely on the interior
– Unimpressive route running and limited experience in receiving work might raise questions on his every down capability

Injury concerns:

– Ankle injury that cut short his high school senior season
– Achilles injury in early 2020 spring training, remains sidelined for practices


Teague showed impressive capability as a power back in 2019. OSU’s blisteringly powerful O-line blew holes open for Teague to bumble through with his large figure. From a scheme perspective, Teague would suffer in a zone scheme. His lack of maneuverability in his rushing style would make for a poor zone back in the NFL. Teague would best succeed in a transition towards a similar scheme in the NFL where he can earn consistent rushes and gaps to run through on them. Although Teague certainly will have the opportunity to improve his game and show more in 2020, as it stands, Teague doesn’t have the all around ability to be an all down NFL back. Expect him to be taken in the rounds 5 or 6 as a role-player power back.

What to watch in 2020:

Teague showed flashes of receiving prowess in 2019, and if he can capitalize on his opportunities that he will receive there, it will seriously improve his draft stock. Teague must show a greater consistency in breaking tackles in 2020. Much too often was Teague brought down by the first defender to come in contact with him. Look for Teague to express more cutting capability in the open field. Teague will have opportunities against better competition in more important in-game situations in 2020 and his ability to break tackles (or lack thereof) will be on full display against top tier defensive talent against stout teams such as PSU, Wisc, and Michigan.