Parker Boudreaux

Preseason Scouting Notes: Parker Boudreaux, OG, UCF

Redshirt Senior | 6’4” 301 lbs | Winter Garden, FL



Parker Boudreaux is a mobile athlete with the foot speed and quickness to get out and block in space, the change of direction ability to adjust to DL slants, and the lateral quickness to flow between help blocks in pass pro.

Zone Blocking:

As a zone blocker, he comes off the line very quickly with short choppy steps, maintaining a wide base as he runs. He tends to put his head down before contact and often lunges, which can compromise his leverage and ability to properly land his hands. When he has proper timing and lands hands, he does show an ability to roll his hips and drive his legs to create movement, but his tendency to lunge allows the DT to get hands into his chest and causes his pads to rise.

Gap Blocking:

Has the ideal mobility for a puller in a gap scheme and shows good aggressiveness making initial contact. Though he has the foot speed and change of direction ability to get square with all types of defenders, he tends to rush his blocks which limits his ability to establish proper leverage and drive. He can fire off well at the point of attack, though was not asked to drive block much in college.

Pass Protection:

Boudreaux was mostly asked to execute jump sets in UCF’s RPO-heavy scheme, and he executed them very well. He has good footwork, maintaining a wide base while quickly shuffling his feet to mirror the defender and has the foot speed to run defenders over the arc. His punch timing can be late on vertical sets, allowing the DT into his chest, but digs his heels in well to anchor with good ankle flexion. He shows good competitiveness and awareness as a pass protector, constantly looking for work and communicates well with his fellow linemen in zone protection.

Injury History:



Boudreaux fits best as a puller in a gap scheme where he can use his foot speed and change of direction ability to make a strong initial impact. His tendency to lunge on the run will hurt his ability to sustain blocks and ultimately limit his value. He will be a solid pass blocker with the agility to mirror, ankle flexion to anchor, and will work well with his fellow linemen. His timing issues will cause him to struggle against better DTs, compromising his leverage, but will he be a competent backup guard at the next level.


His speed and athleticism will intrigue NFL teams looking for mobile linemen, but his lack of timing prevents him from being a viable starting option at this point in his development. With the high demand for linemen in the league, look for him to go as a mid-to-late Day 3 prospect.

What to watch 2020:

Can he improve his patience as a run blocker and improve his punch timing in pass sets? A leap in these areas would highly improve his ceiling as a prospect.