Syrus Tuitele

Scouting Notes: Syrus Tuitele, OT, Fresno State

Senior | 6’6” 300 lbs | Chico, CA


A developmental tackle with good size, composure, and pass blocking ability



Syrus Tuitele totes a solid and proportional frame as the right tackle for the Bulldogs. He is an evenly cut guy with acceptable weight distribution, although he is far from a tank in terms of density or definition. While Tuitele does not have the power to drive defenders off the line and force running lanes open, his calm and precise approach is going to appeal to teams. His hand usage has great flashes in terms of both timing and placement, and will be the building block that he can build the rest of his game around. If he can get stronger and become more of a factor in the run game, he will be a hot commodity on day three. One looming question about Tuitele is his agility, as he wasn’t forced to get a ton of depth with his kick steps in the Fresno State blocking scheme.


– Plays with a patient disposition and won’t fire punches out prematurely while the defender is on their way in
– Good core strength and balance in most situations. Won’t lose control and get tripped up over minor things
– Smart with his steps and won’t run himself into bad spots with his pass sets
– Good awareness regarding his leverage and works to stay low regardless of the situation
– Anchor seems steady when he is taking defenders head-on, and he won’t be stunned by a powerful puncher


– Unable to get under the pads and uproot defenders in the run game due to lack of power
– Might not be able to get much bigger or stronger at the next level due to the way he is built
– Average athlete who doesn’t have the juice to get into space and hunt down linebackers
– Lacks inside versatility due to natural leverage disadvantage that he faces at 6-foot-6
– Angles get too messy when he is working reactively, and he’ll lose his control against quick movers as a result
– Very reliant on his technical abilities to win rather than natural power or quickness, and it limits his ceiling as a prospect
– Can’t succeed by resorting to wrestling matches, which is often what he leans on in the run game

Injury concerns:

– Undisclosed injury (Oct/Nov 19)


Tuitele projects as a backup tackle with low end starter potential if teams are willing to accept his run game limitations. He doesn’t have the speed to find a ton of success as a puller, but his smart movements when not taking contact will help to make up for it. In an ideal situation, Tuitele is a right tackle who can get combo block help on run downs and an occasional RB chip in the pass downs. He should be able to find a spot somewhere in the back of the third day of the draft.

What to watch in 2020:

Tuitele will be returning to action after missing the back end of his junior season due to injury, so how he rebounds in a return to action will be key. He is projected to once again be working at the right tackle spot. While there are technical things to improve upon for his senior year, the biggest test for Tuitele coming up will be how he handles the all-star games. He will likely be facing much more explosive athletes off the edge at the Shrine or Senior Bowl, so how he adapts to the speed of their play could tell a lot for how teams will value him as a prospect.