Trevon Moehrig

Preseason Scouting Notes: Trevon Moehrig, S, TCU

Junior | 6’2” | 202 lbs | Spring Branch, TX | First Team All-Big 12



Trevon Moehrig shows good athletic ability with smooth agility to flip his hips in transition, change of direction to mirror receivers, and the foot speed to run with high end speed receivers.

Zone Coverage:

Moehrig shows the range, awareness, and physicality to be effective in single high or two deep zone coverage. Pre-snap he directs the rest of the secondary well and is a vocal leader of the defense. His film study clearly shows up in his play recognition ability and he quickly identifies route combinations and threats in his zone. Occasionally, he can lock onto one particular route too early in zone, which speaks to a lack of eye discipline. Smooth hips allow him to backpedal to protect his leverage well and quickly transition to sprint back or mirror breaks. He has sideline-to-sideline range and shows the closing speed to quickly break on underneath routes with physicality. His ball skills are impressive, playing through the receiver well and timing his break to rip the ball away with strong hands.

Man Coverage:

When asked to play man in the slot, he displayed capable man coverage traits. Moehrig relies heavily on his ability to jam in man coverage, physically engaging at the top of the route and riding the receiver. This reliance may hurt his man coverage ability against more physical receivers, but he was not asked to play man often at TCU.

Against the Run:

When playing near the line of scrimmage, he closes quickly and aggressively against the run. When coming down to support perimeter runs, he can misjudge and take rounded pursuit angles, but has the foot speed to compensate. He has the body control to break down in the open field and make good form tackles and can deliver punishing hits. Against bigger backs, he tends to go for ankle tackles due to his lack of elite play strength, but generally makes the tackle. He has a good competitive spirit to pursue and loves contact, often getting in on gang tackles across the field.

Injury History:



Moehrig is a smart, physical FS who has the range to play single high and has the feel and closing speed to make an impact underneath. Though he wasn’t asked to play much man coverage at TCU, he has the physicality to jam receivers well in man. A hard hitter, he can provide run support effectively, but takes some inefficient pursuit angles on the perimeter. He has the skill, awareness, and aggressiveness to make an impact in the secondary at the next level.


His combination of physicality, athleticism, and intelligence will make him a coveted Day 2 prospect. Look for Moehrig to go in the late 2nd to early 3rd round.

What to look for in 2020:

An improvement in downhill pursuit angles and consistent eye discipline will help his stock rise as a high-level free safety prospect.