2021 CFB IDP To Watch: Week 7

2021 CFB IDP To Watch: Week 7

Welcome back for a look at my 2021 College Football Players To Watch in Week 7! Today I have a star-studded lineup for you featuring some of the very best IDP prospects for the 2022 NFL Draft! Each week I’ll be providing my thoughts on several 2022 NFL Draft Prospects, and where I think they stack up in the coming draft! With all that said, let’s dive right in! 2021 CFB IDP To Watch: Week 7

Devin Lloyd, Linebacker
Utah vs Arizona State

Devin Lloyd is a guy who is going to end up be my LB1 at the rate he is going. While not at a big fancy school, his production is what you would expect: Dominant.

He has cooled off some, from an extremely hot start to the season, but he’s still being very productive statistically. Lloyd is everything you want in a Linebacker on film; Great sideline to sideline speed, play recognition, tackling ability, you name it, it’s there.

By the time the NFL Draft rolls around, he’ll have been a three-year starter with dominant production. I truly believe he’s a top-tier prospect for the NFL.

Jordan Battle, Safety
Alabama vs Mississippi State

While he’ll only be the S2 in this draft, at best, when it comes to cool last names Jordan Battle takes the cake. But in all seriousness, the conversation for S2 will be a wide one, and everyone will have their favorites.

I lean towards Jalen Catalon, solely due to his playmaking ability. While Jordan Battle is probably the best pure strong safety in the class, he brings enough athletic ability to avoid being a liability in coverage.

I have yet to see the big playmaking upside that would make him a first-round pick, let alone the top safety in this class.

Kayvon Thibodeaux, Defensive End
Oregon vs California

Last year we went without a top clear-cut option at the edge position. And to be honest, it was weird.

But there’s no ambiguity this year. I introduce to you, the bell of the ball, Kayvon Thibodeaux.

There shouldn’t be any argument here, Thibodeaux has such a refined skill set already, and will only continue to improve at the next level. He’s the ultimate apex between speed, power, and skill. Whoever lands this monster in the first couple picks of the draft, will be drafting the next dominant pass rusher for years to come.

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