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Are you a tech savvy Football fan? Familiar with datasets, coding, and possess a passion for statistics? Looking for an outlet to utilize these skills, and expand on them, while building to your portfolio and résumé? Our Data Support team is looking, and…

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Available Position: Data Development and Analysis

Who we are: is a year round website dedicated to all things Football. We are built off of our Advanced Statistics Databases, which feature College Football and NFL stats that are hard to find elsewhere, as well as our DFS tools. We also are a full scale NFL Draft site with a dedicated team of Scouts, and the best NFL Draft Guide on the market. We cover the entire spectrum, from Fantasy to Scouting to Gambling, and everything in between.

What we seek:  We are looking for individuals who have a fundamental grasp of collecting and displaying data and statistics. Our data is currently displayed via Tableau, making Tableau Desktop, and Tableau Prep (license required) users ideal. Having SQL skills are positive, but not mandatory. As is an interest and understanding in the game of Football itself; a positive, but not mandatory. Proficiency in R and Python would also be viewed as a plus. We have built the infrastructure and now need to fine tune and maintain it. Ideas to improve our offering and presentation are encouraged, and you will have a direct hand in building new tools for our users. 

What our goal is:  We are designed to be extremely resourceful for all fans of Football, at the most affordable price. We feel we can get to the level sites like PFF, DLF, NBC Sports Edge, PlayerProfiler, and TDN have reached, as a few examples. We just completed our second full season in existence, and despite some setbacks with the challenges of Covid, have continued to trend in the right direction. We like this to be a fun and enjoyable work environment, and are looking for those who would like to come build and grow with us.

Compensation/Additional notes:  We charge a yearly subscription to access our statistics and DFS tools, which is why quality and accuracy are paramount. This is a part-time opening and pay will match experience, ability, and time spent working for the site. A minimum salary will be paid, with extra compensation added for candidates who excel in their area. There is opportunity for both permanent positions and/or by the project. Compensation can and will be provided in some forms, but if that is your primary concern and only motivation, perhaps we are not your best option. Simply said, as a growing site, funds are limited. We would love to work with someone who is looking for experience, exposure, and an opportunity to grow into a full time role that we hope to be able to make a long term paid position. Keep in mind, the more users and subscribers we have, the more income there is. The functionality of the site is a direct way to help accelerate not only XTB, and not only the compensation aspect of the role, but your individual career as well. Please provide your Tableau Public profile when submitting interest in joining our team. Thank you!

Interested candidates should reply via email to

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