Jonathan Adams

Scouting Notes: Jonathan Adams Jr, WR, Arkansas State

Senior | 6’3″ 210 lbs | Jonesboro, AR


A physical, tight-end like receiver who is a constant mismatch for opposing defenses on the outside



Jonathan Adams Jr. is currently a starting receiver for Arkansas State, who has played in 43 total games while racking up 20 starts. Throughout his collegiate career, Adams has played a majority of his snaps on the outside with the occasional appearance in the slot. After displaying a 3rd Team All-Sun Belt performance last season, he is looking to continue his dominance over defenders and repeat or even earn higher All Conference honors following 2020.


– Knowledge of the game allows him to display his extensive route tree
– Large catch radius. He is able to make catches outside the framework of his body
– With his natural receiving ability, he is able to high point the football and pluck it out of the air
– Big, strong hands. Can make contested catches even while having defenders draped all over him
– With his big stature, he creates separation from defenders by boxing them out
– Not afraid to be physical with CBs who attempt to jam him at the line of scrimmage
– Beats CBs on the inside by taking advantage of the CBs early decision making
– Comes back through the ball

Areas to improve:

– Struggles to stay on his feet after first contact. He does not rack up much YAC
– Needs to take an extra step or two when coming out of his breaks
– Lack of play speed is noticeable. His long strides help him break away from defenders, but he is easily tracked down by CBs and SAFs
– Poor body language. He looks lackadaisical when he’s not directly involved in the play
– Does not go out of the way to do the little things, such as blocking for teammates downfield
– Consistent effort is not there. He blatantly gives up on plays before they are whistled dead

Injury concerns:

Hamstring injury occurred in 2018 (missed 2+ weeks)


Jonathan Adams has seen most of his snaps throughout his collegiate career from the outside, and because of his size that should not change once he reaches the NFL. He is a big-bodied receiver who will see plenty of playing time down in the redzone. Adams projects to be selected on Day 3 of the draft, somewhere between the middle and later part of the day.

What to watch for in 2020:

Will 2020 be the year that Adams uses his strength to his advantage and power through first contact to gain those extra yards? For as big and as strong as he is, Adams struggles to gain yards after the catch. Can Adams speed up his footwork when coming out of his breaks to improve his route running? When running routes he seems to need an extra step or two to get himself in the proper position to make a catch, which allows defenders to close in on him and make a play.