JaQuan Hardy

Scouting Notes: JaQuan Hardy, RB, Tiffin

Redshirt Senior | 5’10”, 220 lbs | Westlake, OH


A well-built RB with NFL-ready size, speed and contact balance who will need to learn how to make an impact in the passing game



JaQuan Hardy came to Tiffin unrecruited. He started his career as a backup his freshman year before breaking out for 1000 rushing yards as a sophomore. Before his junior year, he suffered a knee injury resulting in him getting redshirted. In his redshirt Junior year hie exploded with 1500 yards in 11 games earning plenty of second-team All American honors. He is known throughout campus for his good character. Is an advocate for students with disabilities and raises awareness for sex trafficking.


– Ideal size for an NFL running back, has powerful legs that he uses to drive through tacklers
– Shows excellent speed, both in terms of burst through the hole, beating defenders to the corner and the long speed to turn big runs to TDs
– Great contact balance, consistently dominates D2 competition. Averaged 10 broken tackles per game in the games I watched.
– Strong jump cut that he can use to evade tacklers or to attack his chosen hole
– Displays power and strength in running, always gets some yards after contact, and can be seen occasionally bowling over defenders completely
– Minimal ball security concerns. Only had 1 fumble in 2019
– Played his biggest against his toughest opponents. Led the Dragons to there first victory over rival Findlay in 26 years and a conference title

Areas To Improve:

– Is nearly clueless in pass protection, consistently allows pressures. Just looks like he doesn’t know where to block
– Never really had the chance to show what he’s capable of in the passing game, but the routes he ran we’re slow and lazy
– A lot of his production came on runs where he bounced outside, plays that won’t be available at the next level
– Can sometimes get happy feet in the backfield and try to make a play when there is none there
– Average vision, too often just runs straight into the back of an O-Lineman

Injury Concerns:

– Missed all of 2018 with a knee injury, lost 80% of his meniscus in his knee.


Jaquan Hardy has an NFL-ready body and NFL speed but he is going to need to refine a lot of his game in order to make the jump from Division 2 to the NFL. Unless he tests even better than expecedt and shows drastic improvement in his receiving skills and pass protection, expect him to be a priority free agent with a slight chance of getting scooped up in the later rounds. As a pro, expect him to need a year on the bench or on the practice squad to get used to NFL speed and work on his passing game skills but he’d have the potential to become a solid 2-down back similar to former Tiffin Dragon Chris Ivory.