Opportunity Analysis: 2021 Studs

The Opportunity Analysis: 2021 Studs

OA Studs

Quick Slants

Player: George Kittle

Team: San Francisco

New Available targets: 179

Opportunity Analysis Team Rank: #8


Last season, George Kittle saw 63 targets in just 8 games. Kittle can easily keep that pace and the 49ers will still have well over 100 new available targets to go around.


Player: Julio Jones

Team: Tennessee Titans

New Available targets: 281

Opportunity Analysis Team Rank: #2

A.J. Brown already has 106 targets to his name. That means even if Brown takes a big leap to the 130 range, there are still well over 250 new available targets that can head over to Julio Jones.


Player: Alvin Kamara

Team: New Orleans Saints

New Available targets: 252

Opportunity Analysis Team Rank: #4

The Saints are 4th in OA rank, but this doesn’t include Michael Thomas’ absence. The bigger issue is the projected drop-backs could go way down if Taysom Hill is at QB for 17 games. I think in that case we can call it a wash. Kamara should still get a lot of pass-game work to justify a top-half of the 1st-round pick.

Player: Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins

Team: Cincinnati Bengals

New Available targets: 199

Opportunity Analysis Team Rank: #5


Head Coach Zac Taylor has been extremely pass heavy since he became a play-caller. This is indicated by the Bengals #3 ranking in projected drop-backs for 2021. Keep in mind, both Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd already have 110 and 108 targets to their names.


Player: D.J. Moore

Team: Carolina Panthers

New Available targets: 199

Opportunity Analysis Team Rank: #5


Last year, D.J. Moore was an OA dud. This year, Moore is on the right side of things as an OA stud. Moore already has a nice baseline of 118 targets from last season. Now heading into 2021 he has a chance for growth with 199 new available opportunities up for grabs.


Player: Robert Woods

Team: Los Angeles Rams

New Available targets: 193

Opportunity Analysis Team Rank: #7

Another year another discount on Robert Woods. Even though we prefer Cooper Kupp, Woods is still going to provide value with Matthew Stafford in the fold in 2021.


Player: DeAndre Hopkins

Team: Arizona Cardinals

New Available targets: 159

Opportunity Analysis Team Rank: #9


Newcomers Rondale Moore and A.J. Green will demand more attention than Larry Fitzgerald and company last season. The good news for DeAndre Hopkins is they have 159 new available opportunities to chose from before impacting him. This will give Hopkins a better chance to repeat his ridiculous 160 targets from 2020.


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